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Without you, Leo!

Posted in Uncategorized by Hopernicus on 28/05/2011

Without you, Leo!

by Valery Oisteanu



Imploding humanity in a Kafkaesque banal existence,

Bleeding unforgettable existential narrative

Where the movies come alive, than die suddenly

Where Marilyn Monroe sings her sultry poetry

Where film-mafia meets the star-makers

A shy brainiak poet has passed away quietly

A four dimensional life folded, in a very hurry

Lost forever in the shadows in the immortality alley,

How can I watch a new flick without flinching?

Empty responses, empty feelings of loss

Bizarre dancers hanging with soldiers and sailors

We all had a laugh, but it suddenly stopped

Something is not right, “mon amie fatigue”

Mon Amie Fatigue, is it worth living without yourself

We are still lost in Purgatory searching for the exit

Is there a way to the Nirvana for the geniuses?

The world tilted, under the weight of assumption

Tempus fugit, litera scripta manet in memoriam

A life of an exceptional spirit traded for coupons,

Mon Amie Fatigue no more dangerous critique

Only unfulfilled possibilities of short dreams

To travel with Fundoianu to Buenos Aires

Bohemian destiny, aristocratic smile

Mon amie fatigue, just pleasant remembrances

Surrealist glasses with tears on them

Alone but not lonely, unbroken Romanian soul.



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